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Connectival Reflessogen

The connective tissue treatment technique interacts with the deep layers of muscle tissues. It is here, in fact, that toxins accumulate as a result of the pressure and stress to which our body is constantly subjected. This that this treatment provides is the release of tension and relaxation of the affected muscle tissues, resulting in the release of toxins and better circulation of oxygen and blood in our system.

It is defined connective as it acts on the connective system, that is the system that provides the connection, support and nourishment of the tissues of the various organs of our body. Thanks to this interaction, the connective tissue treatment aims to obtain a reflex action, which goes from the deep layers of the subject\'s skin to a suffering muscle or organ.

The session begins with the palpation of the recipient\'s back: only in this way the operator recognizes changes in skin tissue such as acute, chronic swelling and atrophy. To achieve maximum effectiveness, the connective tissue treatment starts from the caudal areas of the back. The session consists of pressures and traction of the skin with the tips of the third and fourth fingers, first carried out gently, then gradually increasing the intensity.

This treatment brings the recipient to a state of total relaxation and it is good that the recipient is free from commitments and has time to rest after the session. Excellent for those who practice sports, but also for all those who accumulate daily stress.

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