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Breathing Techniques
and Vocal Emission

Among the various things we can work on to improve the quality of our daily life and keep ourselves in good health, we must certainly not underestimate the simplest and most obvious one: BREATHING!

Every day we live in increasingly smaller environments, and in large cities where pollution requires a reduction in respiratory function, which causes an increase in stress, nervousness and depression greater than what happens if you live in rural areas or in the mountains, where the air we breathe contains not only oxygen but also the energy of life. Learning to breathe correctly brings many benefits to our health and well-being. Here are some of them:

In the various treatments, therefore, the use of the diaphragm during breathing is taught, and techniques of vocal emission valid both for spoken language and for singing are taught. Individual courses are held which are valid for those who use the voice as a work tool, coordinated by speech therapy exercises, which teach how to modulate intensity, volume, vocal emission in speaking and singing. These individual lessons are very important and interesting for professionals (singers, soloists, choristers, kindergarten teachers, elementary and middle school teachers, university teachers and speakers), but also for non-professionals, i.e. all those who want to improve their emission vocal, quality of life and why not, sing well in the shower!

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