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Reiki Seminars

Usui Shiki Ryoho REIKI

Welcome all those who intend to know and practice the precious and ancient Reiki Discipline of Mikao Usui Sensei.
The seminar can also represent the beginning of a training path that leads to the ASI National Diploma of Technical Qualification of Reiki Operator valid pursuant to Lg. 4/2013


Reiki is a healing method whose learning does not require previous experience or special skills. The only prerequisite is to be receptive and willing to let this Energy flow within you. Training First Level consists of a basic course during which the Four Harmonizations are received and the fundamentals, history, effects and benefits of Reiki are learned. Also you learn to practice the positions base of the hands to treat oneself and others. Additional hand positions are also learned, how to treat animals and how to use Reiki in the "first aid".


The Second Level expands the knowledge of Reiki, the capacity for psychophysical rebalancing, supports inner growth and spiritual development. It is recommended for anyone wishing to explore the personal development and experience more the healing energies of Reiki. One can harmonize and learn to know the Reiki symbols, their meaning, their use in daily life and in situations that require rebalancing. With the Second Reiki Level you learn Mental Balance and Distance Treatment.


The Third Level expands the flow of Reiki energy and dispenses balance to each student. Raise your energy and personal consciousness to a much higher level of awareness than the previous one. It is for the development and interacts with all aspects of life. One has to "live" Reiki; it is a lifelong commitment to a spiritual discipline. This level prepares the student for the next step that allows him to become a qualified Reiki Master-Teacher, so it is for those who have sufficient experience and feel the vocation to "give" and "receive" energy.